Luxurious cashmere loungewear sets for women

We all know and love them: those days spent at home for recreation. But what do we wear on these occasions? Reliable evergreens are tracksuits, jogging pants and other lounge sets that are known for their wearing comfort. The top tier are pieces made of especially soft garments, such as cashmere, which is loved by many for its incredible feel. Akris offers a selection of high-quality garments such as pants, jackets and sweaters made of this luxurious fiber, so you can put together your own individual cashmere lounge set.

Luxurious high-grade lounge sets made of cashmere

Even on relaxed days spent at home, we want to be dressed fashionably. Not only do we feel more comfortable if we are sporting a chic appearance, we will also look appropriately if we are making video calls or if we are surprised by unannounced visits. A beautiful exterior is an important part of high-quality loungewear. Cashmere lounge sets are the perfect choice, if you want to look fashionable when staying at home. Discover the selection of sweaters, jogging pants and cardigans made of cashmere: these pieces will delight you with their ultra-soft fabric and their elegant and timeless exterior. They will wrap your body in luxury and make relaxing days even more comfortable.

Enjoy the versatility of lounge sets

For many people, loungewear pieces are casual clothes that are not especially fashionable and should be worn at home only. But the luxurious cashmere lounge sets by Akris aren’t just comfortable, they will also delight you with their designs and their versatility. You can combine the single pieces arbitrarily and the sweaters, jackets and cardigans are perfect to wear as a part of a leisure outfit or a business casual look. To create a laid-back appearance with an elegant twist, cashmere hoodies are also an excellent choice. Long cashmere cardigans are perfect to enhance plain outfits like classic jeans and t-shirts in an instant.

Garments made of blended fabric with cashmere

Other than garments made of 100% cashmere, Akris also offers pieces made of blended fabrics, such as textiles with silk. Cashmere and silk combined make especially refined and luxurious garments, because their respective qualities compliment each other perfectly. The clothes made of that fabric are temperature-regulating, elastic but consistent in form, and have a glossy finish. Akris also offers pieces made of blended fabrics with cashmere and cotton that stand out for their durability and their sturdiness - qualities that are essential for high-grade lounge sets. You don’t want to forgo a certain je ne sais quoi, when staying at home? Take a look at pieces, which also contain the lurex thread that gives the garment a glimmering quality.

Whether you are planning a movie night with your loved ones or if you are looking forward to a SPA holiday - you will not only cut a striking figure when dressed in the cashmere lounge sets by Akris, but you will also enjoy incredibly comfortable clothes!