Beautiful Woven Leather Bags For Women

On the one hand, we expect high-quality handbags to be loyal companions for many years, and on the other hand, we want our purses to meet certain expectations when it comes to the design. A high-quality handbag should have a timeless look, so it will top off your appearance fashionably in the future, and at the same time, it should have a unique design to add an individual touch to your style. The luxurious woven leather bags by Akris will surely live up to all these expectations!

Woven leather bags: Good composition equals good design?

If you think about design, the first things that might come to your mind are probably shapes and patterns. But there is another facet that is often underappreciated: the composition. Whether a bag has a smooth surface or if its composition is rather roughly woven - the appearance of a bag is heavily influenced by its very texture. Furthermore, the way a bag is composed gives an impression of the creativity and effort that were put into the drafting process and the workmanship. Woven leather bags are particularly extraordinary pieces that combine elegance and smartness masterfully. Whether the bag has fine leather stripes woven into it and the woven composition is visible only at second glance or if the bag has a larger scale weaving that reminds of a cool patchwork pattern, admiring glances are guaranteed if you complete your outfit with either of the Akris' woven leather bags.

Woven leather bags for every day

Handbags that are worn in everyday life not only need to look beautiful, their usability is also an important aspect! Whether it’s in work life or in your spare time, especially spacious handbags are an essential companion for many women in their day-to-day lives. Among the big variety of woven leather bags by Akris, you can also find the famous Ai handbags made of this kind of leather. Those pieces will delight you with their versatility, because they can be worn in more ways than one! On the one hand, you can use an Ai bag as a classic shopper with a rectangular shape, but you can also pull the outer corners to the center of the bag and wear it as a trapezoid tote bag. These bags offer a spacious interior with a couple of inner pockets that allow you to keep your stuff organized and you can attach shoulder straps to the bag, too The woven leather bags by Akris are made of high-grade calf leather.

Extraordinary clutches for special events

For special occasions such as festive events, weddings or balls, clutches are the perfect purse! Not only can you stow your most important stuff in those little bags, a refined clutch will also round off your evening gown fashionably! A special touch is added with clutches made of woven leather. These come in the classic shape of an envelope and are monochromatic, which makes them easy to style with your outfit. The design might be classic, but the woven surface turns these pieces into smart eyecatchers that will fit seamlessly into your overall appearance. The clutches too can be attached to cross-body straps, so that you don’t need to hold them in your hand during the whole evening, but you can simply wear them hanging across your body or over your shoulder and enjoy excellent wearing comfort.

Are you looking for an elegant handbag that will enhance your appearance fashionably? With the chic woven leather bags by Akris, you will make an excellent choice! Discover also matching accessories, such as horsehair accessories, like wallets, key holders, cardholders or collectors scarves.