Discover the New Arrivals of High-End Handbags by Akris

Discover the newest high-end handbags by Akris on the official online store. Leather handbags, horsehair handbags and much more for every situation.

Discover new high-end handbags by Akris

Handbags are loyal companions and fashionable accessories in equal measure. We want them to be robust, so that they withstand the challenges of everyday life, but at the same time, we want them to charm us with elaborate designs that will top off our appearance beautifully. Are you looking for a new model to enrich your collections? Then we recommend taking a look at the new arrivals of high-end handbags by Akris.

Beautiful high-end handbags for any occasion

No matter what outfit we choose, when we are leaving our homes at the beginning of the day, a handbag is a must-have, so our most important things are always within reach throughout the day. Depending on the situation, we are looking for different qualities in the model we are picking to accompany us. Are you planning a shopping trip? A shopper will offer enough space for your purchases. Clutches are ideal to-go pieces, if you want to top off your evening gown. A messenger bag is the perfect choice for day-to-day life in the office. In the Akris online shop you will find a wide variety of bags, such as:

Discover the unique qualities of handbags by Akris

The handbags by Akris are the ideal choice if you are looking for high-end handbags that are resilient and beautiful in equal measures. Those pieces are crafted with expertise acquired over the past 100 years. The handbags will charm you with their beautiful exteriors. Some models have ornate prints that are perfect to add a certain je ne sais quoi to unicolored and simple outfits. Another highlight that you can find in the shop are bags with timeless patterns that can be combined with many different looks, such as the Akris Ai messenger bags with check pattern. The Ai messenger bags are available in different sizes and offer three convertible looks: you can use them either as a rectangular shopper, or you can turn the outer corners inwards and turn them into a rectangular shopper or turn them into a unique-looking messenger bag.

Luxurious handbags made of the finest materials

Other than their beautiful designs and their versatility, the high-end handbags by Akris will win you over with the luxurious materials that they are made of. We chose fabrics of the best quality for our bags such as:

  • Calfskin
  • Cotton
  • Python Leather
  • Horsehair

Akris uses those materials to process them into exquisite and unique fabrics which will add a special touch to the handbags. An example of this are pieces made of woven leather, such as our horsehair bags. Horsehair is won from a horse’s tail and is processed on antique looms into a fabric with extraordinary qualities. This textile is very rare and as the horse hair’s color changes over time, every bag made of it is a unique piece.

Spacious shoppers, elegant clutches and classic messenger bags - the new high-end handbags by Akris come in many forms and designs. Whether you are looking for a timeless unicolored model for everyday life or an extraordinary bag to attract admiring glances - our selection leaves nothing to be desired.