Luxury Cross Body Bags

Cross body bags are always with us, in everyday life as well as in our spare time. That is why, besides a beautiful design and functional aspects such as roominess or inner pockets, comfort is also a priority. Cross body bags score particularly well in this respect. They are characterized by the extra-long carrying strap, allowing the bag to be simply carried across the body and then hanging approximately at hip level. This offers several benefits: on the one hand, the bag is very comfortable to wear and on the other hand, the bag is always within reach. Akris offers a selection of elegant designer cross bags for everyday work, freetime and special occasions.

Luxury Cross Body Bags by Akris

Even if you like to let your handbag hang from your wrist - worn with a strap over your shoulder or across your torso, it is not only more comfortable to carry, but you also have both hands free at all times. Cross body bags hang from the hips and thus offer ideal freedom of movement to the person carrying them. Akris offers a wide selection of elegant and high-quality models in different designs and formats that will enhance your look with style. But whether classic or straight-lined models, or more extravagant bags with artistic patterns and prints - the cross body bags have been designed in such a way that they will always attract attention, no matter what the current fashion trends are. Many bags inspire with their versatile carrying and fancy looks, which make the Akris Cross Body Bags true statement pieces. Only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacture of the bags, such as ● Calfskin, ● Horsehair, ● Snakeskin, ● Python leather. The strap or chain is easily removable. In the Akris shop you will find other shoulder belts that you can also match with the bags as you wish and thus personalize them.

Roomy Cross Body Bags for Everyday

In everyday life, one thing is important to many women when it comes to handbags: roominess. In the online store you will find a selection of large cross body bags, in which your personal belongings such as work documents or spontaneous purchases can easily find space. Thanks to the carrying strap, the bags can be easily transported, even when containing heavy items. The bags impress above all with their high versatility and can also be worn in different ways thanks to the convertible closure on the front: as a shopper or as a trapezoid bag, in which the two sides are closed by folding them inwards. In addition to the large main compartment, the models are also equipped with an inner compartment and a pocket for the smartphone, so you always have the most important items ready to grab. The elegant messenger bag is available in various styles and designs, from monochrome and business-like to extravagant, colorfully patterned or with sophisticated decorations such as 3D prints or rivets.

Elegant Cross Body Bags For Special Occasions

Small handbags in which you can carry the most important things such as your wallet, key ring and smartphone are particularly suitable for special occasions such as balls or other exclusive evening events. A classy clutch or a small messenger bag in a beautiful design rounds off the evening outfit in style and creates the right touch. Thanks to the carrying straps or chains, the bags have the advantage over the classic clutch that you can simply hang them loosely around your shoulder and thus have both hands free, which is quite comfortable for activities like dancing. Simple outfits such as monochrome, straight-cut evening dresses get a special touch when combined with bags with colorful patterns and prints or artistic designs. For gorgeous and more elaborate looks, monochrome small cross-body bags in a sleek look are a great way to accentuate the look without overloading it. Whether for everyday work or the evening gala event - Akris offers the right designer cross body bag for every situation in life. From straightforward monochrome designs to extravagant exteriors with elaborate patterns - every model has a first-class chance of becoming a favorite in your bag collection. Discover the selection of other Akris accessories such as scarves, belts, horsehair accessories and bag charms.