Designer Clutches

Whether it's a ball, a company event, a cocktail party or a concert: we all love celebrations because we not only spend pleasurable hours there, but also have the opportunity to dress up in the most beautiful evening dresses. Of course, to complete the look stylishly, the matching handbag must always be there. Clutches in particular have turned out to be evergreen. The small bags are characterized by the fact that they are held with one hand. Akris offers a large selection of designer clutches in various designs. From straightforward and classic to extravagant with artistic patterns and prints, there is always something to suit every taste and occasion!

Top Off Your Outfit with Luxurious Designer Clutches

Small, without handles and in a design often recalling a square envelope –that's what clutches are. The advantage of these small bags is that they can be perfectly added to the overall look without overloading it or even distracting from the evening dress. Beautiful design details can be used to add additional sparkle. Monochrome clutches in matte colors are particularly suitable for elaborate evening outfits. For more simple outfits, Akris offers models with patterns or prints that will add a special touch. But no matter which model you choose, all clutches in the Akris online shop impress with their elegant and timeless looks, so you will always be stylish with such accessories. Inside the bags, there is also a side compartment that is designed with a zip closure and in which you can safely put especially important belongings such as keys or a wallet.

High Comfort Thanks to Variable Carrying Options

A clutch is traditionally carried in the hand or clasped under the upper arm. But there are situations in which we prefer to have our hands free, such as when dancing or eating. Many Akris clutches are therefore available with carrying chains that can be added to the bags if required. These allow the clutch to be simply hung over the shoulder or worn as a cross-body bag across the torso. Another option is to shorten the carrying chain to half its original length, creating a kind of double grip. This allows the clutch to be set off in different ways and gives the wearer more flexibility and excellent carrying comfort. In the Akris shop, you will also find the popular Ai bags in a small format as a clutch. These are characterized by the front closure, which not only enhances the look of the model, but can also be used to change the shape of the bag and wear it in the classic clutch format or with the two corners folded inwards, as a trapezoid.

Unique Bags Made From the Finest Materials

In addition to the sophisticated designs and the great versatility, the exclusive fabrics from which the bags are made are another highlight. The following materials are used in the production: ● Horsehair ● Calfskin ● Lamb leather ● Mangrove snake skin ● Python leather These materials are used to create high-quality, robust clutches that will provide you with many years of use. Materials with a particularly striking surface, such as snakeskin, give the bags an exclusive and exotic look, with which you will add a unique touch to every outfit. Typical for Akris are bags made of horsehair. This material is both light and very strong and it changes color over time, similar to leather. Horsehair is also animal-friendly, as parts of the tail are simply cut off without causing any damage to the animal. The exclusivity of horsehair fabric, however, lies in its manufacturing process: the fabric is made on historical looms, on which only one meter of fabric can be produced per day. This makes horsehair fabric a real gem. You don't really need much stuff to take with you for a night out – keys, a smartphone and a wallet will perfectly fit inside your new clutch from Akris – and so the evening can start. Discover other accessories to complete your outfit, like horsehair accessories, necklaces, or silk-twill scarves, and get inspired by our style guide!