The Cashmere Feelgoods
For Akris Creative Director Albert Kriemler the first principle of design is the “feel” of a piece. And nothing feels better against the skin than cashmere. It is one of the most refined natural fibers in existence, known for its’ light-weight insulation and temperature regulation and simply unmatched comfort.

Being collected when Cashmere goats naturally shed their winter coat, the cashmere production is certain to be cruelty-free and sustainable.

The possibilities with cashmere knit are endless. Start with a monochrome cashmere V-neck sweater or enjoy the warmer seasons in Akris cashmere silk blend knit sweaters. Another essential are cardigans, whether you prefer a high neck or V-neck zip cardigan, or a long cardigan that will keep you cozy even in the coldest of temperatures, the refined Akris collection will leave no wishes unanswered. We have even created cashmere piqué zip hoodies for a relaxed look or the home office.

The pinnacle of natural fabrics is double-face cashmere, and it is an important element of the signature Akris look. One layer of fabric with two identical sides, woven together on specially designed looms. To finish the edges, a tailor turns the two edges inward upon themselves. These turned-in edges are then hand-sewn to create invisible seams around the perimeter of the garment. The result is a lightweight, unlined garment of a single layer of fabric.

This material is the perfect choice for jackets and coats. The unmatched balance of structure and light weight create a beautifully elegant silhouette while feeling like nothing else when wearing it. The material having two same sides also allows for the creation of reversible styles. From reversible jackets to reversible coats and even dresses, these items are truly versatile.

To protect against rain and wind, the cashmere is treated with a Storm System® finish. It creates an invisible barrier around every fiber and makes water droplets just slide of the surface. The Storm System® Cashmere Coat will protect you from the elements while also being unsusceptible to dust, dirt and liquid stains.

Add a monochrome or printed cashmere silk scarf to complete the look.