Luxurious Cashmere Jackets and Blazers for Women

The weather outside gets cooler and you are looking for a beautiful jacket as a loyal companion that helps you master freezing temperatures as well as rainy days in the cold season? The luxurious cashmere jackets by Akris are the perfect fit for your expectations! These fashionable and exclusive pieces are the perfect outerwear that also upgrades your appearance.

Enhance your style with beautiful cashmere jackets

Choosing the perfect outerwear can be a true challenge because it has to keep us warm and protect us from rough weather conditions. At the same time, we want to be dressed fashionably, so a beautiful design is a must too! The high quality cashmere jackets will exceed those requirements! The luxurious fiber is beloved by many for its glossy finish that adds a unique air to the garments made of cashmere. Additionally, this comfortable material will also delight you with its functionality. Cashmere may be light and fine, but at the same time it is warming, temperature regulating and breathable. Due to those qualities, the wearer will be protected from the cold, perspiration can be drained effectively and the wearer won’t sweat or overheat, even if the outer temperatures are higher than expected.

Cashmere jackets with double-face: luxury meets functionality

The jackets will delight you with their exquisite textile as well as with their excellent workmanship which you will benefit from in many ways! In the shop you can find double-faced cashmere jackets. This is a special kind of fabric, where the outer face and the inner face of the garments are made of identical layers. Double-face jackets do not need lining and are therefore very light and comfortable to wear. Additionally, these clothes are very easy to handle, because the fabric is crease resistant and the surface will remain impeccable, even after wearing the jacket all day long. The garments don’t need to be ironed, you only need to put them on a hanger and on the next

Cashmere jackets by Akris for any occasion

Everyday life, festive events, day-to-day business activities - the Akris selection offers jackets for any occasion. Long jackets that come with a hood or a high collar are perfect, if you are looking for winter jackets, that will keep you warm and make you look fashionable even in the coldest time of the year. Do you want to create a sporty and edgy look? In this case, we recommend taking a look at short cashmere jackets by Akris. Those will top off elegant everyday looks, and go especially well with high-waisted jeans or an A-line dress. For warm weather or during the summer, you can find light cashmere jackets that will charm you with their elegant timeless design and can also be worn as blazers.

There’s no doubt: the luxurious cashmere jackets are hot contenders to become your new favorite it-pieces! With these luxurious garments you will make a good figure in both good and bad weather. We recommend taking a look at other clothes made of cashmere, such as sweaters, jogging pants, loungewear sets or ponchos.