Discover Elegant Leather Handbags for Women by Akris

Discover the leather bags by Akris, which are made of high-quality leather. Versatile bags in timeless design - the right accessory for every event.

Elegant leather handbags for women by Akris

Handbags come in many forms and designs. Leather bags, however, are among the absolute classics because they offer many benefits to the user. Akris offers a selection of high-quality handbags for women for different occasions. Whether you are looking for a durable messenger bag for work or an elegant clutch to top off your evening gown - in the online shop of Akris, you will find the perfect bag that will meet your expectations.

Leather bags: A loyal companion for many years to come

Bags are beautiful accessories and often the highlight of our look, but at the same time, they have to withstand the challenges of our everyday lives. More often than not, they have to carry a heavy load of sharp objects like keys or nail files. Due to this, durability is an important quality in handbags. Leather is a material that is known for its robust nature and longevity, and because of this, leather bags have been a popular piece among women for a long time. Akris offers beautiful bags made of calfskin, goat leather or snake leather. The materials that are used for the bags are processed in different ways, which gives them unique qualities. Some models are made of nappa leather, which is loved by many for its soft feel. There are also pieces made of lambskin with a lizard finish.

Beautiful leather bags for day-to-day life

Our everyday lives are full of unforeseeable situations. One day, we have to go on a shopping trip on short notice, and the next day, we have to take the business laptop home. In both cases, a spacious handbag that can handle heavy loads easily is needed. For the challenges of our everyday lives, Akris offers a wide selection of messenger bags and shoppers, which are durable, spacious and that will charm you with beautiful designs that will never go out of fashion. Among the selection, there are models made of woven leather that look especially luxurious and refined and will finish off your appearance in a subtle way. For your off-duty looks, Akris offers colorful bags with playful exteriors, such as the Kinderstern print.

Extraordinary bags for special occasions

Whether it’s a night out with our dearest friends at the club or an elegant ball, where we finally get to wear our beautiful evening gowns - our look is not complete without a matching handbag. For festive occasions, clutches are the perfect choice. Those little bags are typically envelope-shaped and are held in one hand. Akris offers a selection of clutches to which straps can be added, so that you can also wear them as a little cross body bag or a shoulder bag. The pieces come in various beautiful designs. Unicolored bags are perfect to top off colorful looks. Are you wearing a monochromatic outfit and want to add a special touch? In this case, we can recommend clutches with ornate and colorful prints and patterns that will add a playful and modern air to your appearance.

Are you looking for a bag that is elegant and durable in equal measure? In this case, a handbag made of leather is a perfect choice! Pick your favorite among the beautiful leather bags for women by Akris that will enhance your appearance on any occasion.