Extraordinary Cashmere Scarves by Akris for Women

The first leaves are starting to fall and the morning air has become crispy? It’s time for a cozy cashmere scarf to keep you warm. A cashmere scarf is without a doubt among the most exclusive accessories for women. Cashmere is in itself the definition of luxury, due to its super soft feel and its fine look. Akris offers a selection of high quality cashmere scarves for women that will surely enrich your winter wardrobe

Why do we love cashmere scarves

Cashmere fiber is one of the most noble natural fibers. It is won from the underwool of cashmere goats. Its exquisite and incredibly soft quality add a unique air to the garments made of this fine wool. But cashmere is not only famous for its soft feel. The fabric will also charm you with its functionality. Cashmere clothes will keep you warm but are also breathable and moisture-regulating. Conveniently, the material is also self-cleaning which makes cashmere scarves very easy to handle. Simply put your scarf over a hanger and air it thoroughly for a few hours to refresh it. Despite its lightness and delicate feel, cashmere is surprisingly robust and durable and so our designer scarves will make loyal companions for many years to come

Upgrade your style with an exclusive designer scarf

Are you looking for an exclusive and luxurious cashmere designer scarf? Then you will love the pieces by Akris and their endless styling options:

● Fringe scarves are classic timeless companions to your everyday-outfit
● Large-size scarves can be folded and worn in many different styles to express your individuality
● Mixed material scarves combine cashmere wool and other materials to create the perfect fabric for chilly summer nights. They can also be worn as head scarves or draped over the shoulders.
● Unicolored pieces in a straight cut offer a variety of styling options. Wear them as a choker to accentuate your neck or combine them to an evening gown for an elegant look.
● Ornate patterns and elaborate prints upgrade simple outfits in a stylish manner
● Classic monochromatic cashmere scarves in black, beige and white but also brighter colors such as luminous red or deep blue are a must-have for everyone’s wardrobe

You want to add a playful note to an otherwise sophisticated styling? Then you will love the selection of charming cashmere scarves by Akris! Whether you are looking for a finely woven piece that can be worn in all seasons or if you want a thicker scarf that keeps you warm in winter - the fashionable cashmere scarves by Akris will upgrade any outfit! We also recommend taking a look at other garments made of cashmere, such as hoodies, sweaters, lounge wear, coats and jackets.