Cashmere Coats for Women by Akris

When the seasons change and the weather gets colder, a warm coat that is also chic is a true must-have. A high-quality top layer not only protects you from freezing temperatures and rain, but it will also enhance your appearance on any occasion. Cashmere coats are perfect for winter, because they will please you in every aspect! The luxurious fiber keeps you cozy and will delight you with its incredibly comfortable wearing feel. Akris offers a selection of luxurious cashmere coats for women. Take a look at the pieces and choose your favorite!

Elegant cashmere coats for the cold season

When the temperatures outside are dropping, there is an important decision to make: jacket or coat? For many women, a high-quality coat with an elegant design is an absolute must-have in the cold season. Due to the long cut, the garment shapes your silhouette in a flattering way and contributes to an elegant appearance. Coats also offer various styling possibilities! Wear them with a dress and a skirt and you will create a feminine and glamorous look. Cashmere coats are an especially luxurious version. The exquisite material gives the wearer a unique look and will delight you with its super soft wearing comfort. Akris offers a variety of coats in different designs, cuts and colors. You can find long coats with a waisted silhouette and a belt or models with a loose cut with a more casual exterior in bright colors - whichever you decide to choose, you will cut a striking figure either way. Whether you combine them with your off-duty look or if you wear them as a part of your business outfit - those luxurious pieces will add a certain je ne sais quoi to your appearance

Luxurious and functional - we love cashmere

Whatever garments are made out of cashmere - if it’s pullovers, tops, cardigans or coats: for many, this natural fiber is the very definition of luxury and comfort. The material is made from the undercoat of the cashmere goat and is loved for its soft and glossy quality. Especially winter coats that are made of cashmere offer multiple benefits, because the fiber is also functional. The fabrics are heat-insulating and protect you efficiently from low temperatures. At the same time, cashmere is breathable, so you won’t overheat when wearing them, because perspiration can be drained. Therefore, the clothes that are made of it are super comfortable and cozy to wear. The fiber is also self-cleaning, and due to that, the garments are easy to handle. After wearing your cashmere coats, you can put them over a hanger and expose them to fresh air, in order to refresh them.

Double-face coats: enjoy excellent wearing comfort

One of the absolute highlights that is a feature of many clothes by Akris is the double-face fabric. You can also find cashmere coats with double-face. This is a type of fabric, where the front face and the inside of the garment are made of two identical sides. This creates a piece of clothing that doesn’t need lining and is very light, which contributes to its excellent wearing comfort. Furthermore, the surface of the coat is crease resistant and doesn’t need to be ironed. It’s sufficient to put it over a hanger overnight after wearing it, and the next day, the fabric will be immaculate! Whether the winter is rather mild or freezing cold - if you have a cashmere coat by Akris, you are perfectly prepared for whatever surprise the cold season brings and you will always make a striking appearance wearing it! Whether you wear your new coat as a part of a business look, combine it with your off-duty outfit or style it with your evening gown - discover all the possibilities. We also recommend taking a look at other garments made of cashmere, such as ponchos, cardigans, jackets, jogging pants or scarves.