First Impressions

"Never underistimate the importance to make that first impression", says Akris Creative Designer Albert Kriemler. This Cashmere Double-Face Coat will help you break the ice, wherever you land.

All Rounder

"Wear a cool coat that travels well, that goes with a dress as well as with a pant", is the styling advice from Albert Kriemler. If you are looking for an all rounder coat as described, you cannot go wrong with this Cashmere Double-Face Coat.

Casual Styling

If you are looking for something more casual, but still modern and confident, have a look at the Cotton Denim Stretch Pant, combined with the Cashmere Double-Face Coat.

All Business

Add this Double-Face Wool Coat Dress to your business wardrobe. With its classic look you can walk confidently from meeting to meeting and make your mark in life.

Storm System® Finish

Experience the double barrier of Storm System®  finish with the new Cashmere Coat for a waterproof, wind-resistant experience. Combine it with a staple you'll wear countlessly - the Double-face Wool Coat Dress - for plenty of styling options.