Draped Silk Crêpe DressDraped Silk Crêpe Dress



Cotton Gabardine Shirt DressCotton Gabardine Shirt Dress



Viscose Blend Midi DressViscose Blend Midi Dress



Wool Double-Face Sheath DressWool Double-Face Sheath Dress



Cotton Tweed DressCotton Tweed Dress



Cool Wool Midi DressCool Wool Midi Dress



Silk Georgette Pleated DressSilk Georgette Pleated Dress



Draped Two-Tone Sequins DressDraped Two-Tone Sequins Dress



A-Line Sequin DressA-Line Sequin Dress



Checked Midi DressChecked Midi Dress



Floral Techno Lace DressFloral Techno Lace Dress



Denim Shirt DressDenim Shirt Dress



Beautiful Designer Dresses for Women on Sale - Akris

Discover beautiful Akris designer dresses for women on sale! Here you can luxurious and timeless models of excellent craftmanship on a discount.

Beautiful women’s designer dresses on sale

Are you looking for a beautiful dress that is as comfortable as it is timeless and durable, so that you can wear it for many years to come? Then you might find your favorite among the selection of beautiful designer dresses on sale by Akris. Here Those dresses will charm you with their luxurious exterior as well as with their excellent craftsmanship.

Akris designer dresses: beautiful pieces of the best quality

What are the benefits of designer dresses? The garments by Akris are perfect if you want to cut a striking appearance on any occasion, whether in your working life or in your spare time. Those garments will enthrall you with their timeless cuts and designs that will suit you for many years to come. In addition, those dresses will also charm you with their excellent craftsmanship and their luxurious materials. They are made from the finest natural fibers like silk, cashmere, leather or wool. One of the highlights are dresses made of double face. This is a special kind of fabric where the inner and the outer side consist of two identical layers woven together. Double face requires no lining so the garments are lightweight and offer high comfort. Another quality of this fabric is its crease resistant surface. You don’t need to iron the dresses after wearing - just put them over a hanger and the fabric will remain smooth and impeccable.

A dress for every occasion

A dress is the ideal garment to enhance one’s femininity. Another benefit is their great wearing comfort. Depending on the occasion, the dress that you want to wear has to fulfill certain requirements. For business life, unicolored stealth dresses or pieces with a modest A-line will be a great choice! Top them off with pumps and a blazer of a matching color and you will have achieved a classic and elegant business attire. Akris also offers a wide variety of dresses in flashy colors such as a bright orange or a deep pink. Those garments are perfect if you want to spice up your appearance a little bit and are ready to attract admiring glances. Models with ornate patterns and prints are ideal, if you wish to create an elegant off-duty look. For more laid-back look we recommend taking a look at dresses with a looser fit, which will charm you with their great wearing comfort. For black tie events, Akris offers beautiful evening gowns. Here, you can find monochromatic models with modest cuts, that are perfect to style with eye-catching jewelry or other accessories.

Tips for finding your perfect dress

Finding your favorite among the great selections of dresses on sale can be a challenge. However, if you think about some aspects before you buy, you may have a better idea of what you are looking for in your ideal dress. We recommend to considering the following aspects:

  • On which occasion do you want to wear the dress? Are you looking for an addition to your business wardrobe? Then you will make a great choice in a monochromatic dress made of wool. For special occasions, gowns or cocktail dresses are a suitable option.
  • Which style do you prefer? Do you love laid back and modern outfits or do you dress in elegant clothes every time you leave the house? Are you always on the lookout for the latest fashion trends or do you want your outfit to be timeless?
  • Which color suits you best? There are many different opinions on which colors are best for you depending on your hair, eye and skin tone.
  • However, there is a simpler trick to find out! Just look into the mirror and hold up a piece of fabric of a certain color next to your face. If you look glowing next to it, you will also look good in clothing of the same color.

If you're looking for a bargain and catch attention, the beautiful dresses on sale by Akris will be the perfect pick. Do you want to accessorize your look? Then we suggest you look at the selection of necklaces, belts and scarves.