Luxurious Sweaters Made of 100% Cashmere

Sweaters come in various designs and different fabrics, but the cashmere sweater is without a doubt one of the most luxurious versions. The high-grade fiber represents extravagance and exquisite wearing comfort. Akris offers a selection of the finest knitwear, like sweaters made of 100% cashmere.

Sweaters made of 100% cashmere: luxury without compromise

For many people, cashmere is a symbol of luxury. Many cashmere garments are made of fabrics that are made with additional materials, such as wool or cotton. Sweaters that are made of 100% cashmere are particularly valuable, because they allow you to enjoy the qualities of the high-grade fiber without any compromise. Cashmere is beloved by many for the glossy finish of its fibers, which adds an unique aura to the garments made of this material. Furthermore, sweaters made of 100% cashmere will charm you with their excellent wearing comfort, because the super soft feel of the fiber won’t be distorted by any other substance. In addition, cashmere will keep you warm, but the pullovers are perfect to wear in all seasons, because the material is breathable and won’t make you sweat.

Discover the selection of sweaters with 100% cashmere

Whether it’s the classic uni-colored round neck sweater, the figure-hugging turtleneck pullover or the sleeveless piece with a cool pattern: Akris offers you a great selection of various sweaters made of 100% cashmere. The absolute evergreens are long-sleeved pieces in classic colors like gray, black, white, light blue or beige. These sweaters can be styled in various ways and are especially suitable for sophisticated looks, for instance they are perfect to wear in the office. Combine them with a blouse and slacks to create a timeless and refined outfit. Are you looking for an extraordinary piece to enhance your appearance? In the shop, you can find pieces with ornate patterns and prints that are the ideal choice if you want a unique sweater to spice up simple outfits.

Take a look at other knitwear made of 100% cashmere

Other than sweaters, Akris offers more knitwear made of 100% cashmere. Among them you can find lavish cardigans that will attract everyone’s attention. In addition to their beautiful designs, these garments will also charm you with many other benefits. Especially long cardigans are a true must-have for cold days, because they’ll keep you from freezing and can be worn in different ways. Whether you wear a cardigan loosely over a figure-hugging outfit or combine it with a cute belt, there are various options to style those luxurious pieces. We suggest taking a look at pieces that stand out with elegant designs and are perfect to wear instead of a blazer, as a part of the classic business look.

Do you want to enjoy cashmere in its purest form then we recommend taking a closer look at the Akris sweaters made of online-shop can find wide selection pieces different designs that be worn for occasions: whether complete your office outfit or upgrade off duty with these luxurious garments will always dressed appropriately. Discover other clothes by Akris made of cashmere, such as hoodies, cashmere silk sweaters, jackets and jogging pants.