Discover: Lavish Cashmere Silk Pullovers

A high-quality knitted sweater is a true must-have. Whether you want to combine it with a blouse, or if you wear it over a top - a designer sweater will definitely meet your needs if you are looking for an exceptionally luxurious piece. Akris offers a variety of impeccable cashmere silk sweaters for women. These dazzling garments come in different variations and will charm you with their elegant design and pleasant wearing comfort.

Cashmere and silk: a winning team

High quality sweaters are defined by the fabrics used. Cashmere and silk are of course associated with luxury and quality, and a garment that is made of both materials will win you over with its unique qualities. Cashmere is made from the undercoat of the cashmere goat and will keep you warm, when the temperatures are low. Silk on the other hand has cooling qualities and is breathable, so that you won’t sweat. This way, you will be perfectly comfortable when wearing your cashmere-silk sweater at all times. The pullovers will delight you with their soft and light texture which creates an unique wearing experience. Both cashmere and silk are known for their glossy finish, which will add a subtle elegance to the garment. The extraordinary quality as well as the longevity of Akris sweaters turn them into garments that will upgrade your outfits for many years to come.

Double Face fabrics will increase luxury and comfort

Among the Akris cashmere silk sweaters a variety of pieces is created with the unique double face technique. Double face fabrics are woven on weaving looms that are custom built for Akris. The front and the inside of the pullover are made from the same fabric and are interwoven with each other. Double face comes with several benefits: the garment does not need lining and therefore is very light and will be super comfortable to wear. In addition, these extraordinary garments require little maintenance, because the fabric has a crease-free quality and will remain flawlessly smooth even after a long day of wearing. It's recommended to keep the double face cashmere silk sweaters on a hanger after use and they will be fit to wear on the next day.

Discover the different pieces of cashmere silk pullovers

Turtleneck sweaters, round-neck pullovers, or v-neck sweaters - Akris offers a wide variety of cashmere silk sweaters and you will certainly find a piece that meets your expectations. The figure hugging knitted sweater that comes with smart design details will flatter your appearance and can be styled in various ways. Whether you combine it to a simple outfit, such as jeans and a t-shirt or if you want to wear it underneath a blazer or a coat - there are many different ways to create your outfits with your cashmere silk sweaters.

Do you prefer more laid back styles that are also comfortable? Take a look at pieces with a loose cut in different colors. You can combine these colorful garments with a dress or a skirt to create a feminine and playful off-duty look or you can wear them in the office, together with slacks and a blouse - you will cut a striking figure either way! The sweaters are available in uni-colours or with unique patterns that will individualize your appearance!

The noble cashmere silk sweaters by Akris are high-quality garments that unite an elegant design and high grade comfort in a unique way. We recommend also taking a look at knitwear, cardigans, hoodies, jogging pants and loungewear made of cashmere!