Swiss Heritage

St.Gallen has a reputation for being one of the leading textile capitals of the world and is renowned for its unique embroidery. It all started with a monk, Gallus. Weaving linen in the late Middle Ages the monks blazed the way for St.Gallen's textile excellence. But it was embroidery, brought to town around 1750, that would make St.Gallen world-renowned for its exquisite fabrics. Around 1910, more than fifty percent of the world's embroidery production came from the picturesque town in Eastern Switzerland. And there has hardly been a designer – from Christian Dior to Marc Jacobs – that has not been allured by the grandeur of St.Gallen's remaining cluster.

Tradition Meets Innovation

Akris draws on this expertise with a very modern, sleek style based on geometrics or graphic design, thus pushing the envelope of the heritage craft with St. Gallen’s specialty textile houses. A centuries old tradition does not stop embroidery from looking stunningly modern. The development and use of embroidery is a significant part of Albert Kriemler’s creative process.