Akris Collectors' Scarves

In the early 2000s, Albert Kriemler began to explore the fascinating scope of new digital photographic technologies for printed fabrics. He translated the allure of photographs into refined and sophisticated clothes and accessories, uniting pioneering photo prints technological innovation and artistic sensibility.

For his photo prints, the Akris creative director continuously finds inspiration in inventive works by renowned artists, photographers, and architects, transforming them into collector's items such as engaging photo printed scarves.

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It's all about Capri and nonchalance. The Marina Grande is the main port on the island. A small square overlooks the marina surrounded by the characteristics houses of Capri with little balconies in blue and white.


Art Nouveau Architect Joseph Maria Olbrich
The Wedding Tower on Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt, Germany, is one of the architect's most iconic buildings.


Dancers in Studio 54
The club in Manhatten's 54th street was the epicenter of New York's eccentric Seventies nightlife and a shrine for Disco music.


Grand Prix of Monaco
Inspired by John Frankenheimer's 1966 movie "Grand Prix" and its unique racing cinematography, shot in Monte Carlo.



For the Love of Ocean
A tribute to a pioneering oceanographer and a journey through the beauty of the oceans of the world. At the end of the 19th century, H.S.H. Prince of Albert I of Monaco, also known as "Le Prince des Mers" exlored sea life at the helm of his yacht " Princesse Alice".


For the Love of Ocean
Touches of the blues from the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.



Amelia Earhart
The first woman to steer a plane across the Atlantic Ocean also explored the Arab peninsula, Brazil and the deserts of West Africa from the air.



The Colors of Luis Barragán
Cuadra San Cristobal in the heart of Mexico City by Mexican architect, Luis Barragán, is an abstract geometric masterpiece gleaming in spectacular fuchsia and azure tones, offset by crisp white and terra-cotta.


The Colors of Luis Barragán
Near Cuadra San Cristobal, the abstract geometric masterpiece by architect, Luis Barragán, in the heart of Mexico City, a door to a house where Frida Kahlo lived, framed by blooming Bougainvillea.



The Towers of Luis Barragán



The Towers of Luis Barragán
The five abstract "Torres de Satölite", an urban sculpture near Mexico City, were created by architect Luis Barragán and sculptor Mathías Goeritz and painted in red, blue, yellow and white.



A Scientist's Dream of Nature
Honeycombs in the sand in vivid colors such as blue, red and yellow.


A Scientist's Dream of Nature
Granite curves in vivid colors such as red, green and blue.



Thomas Ruff "The Nights Series (1992-1996)"
The image was created using residual lights amplifiers in urban areas near Düsseldorf, Germany, the home of Thomas Ruff.



Thomas Ruff "The ma.r.s. series (2010)"
The series is based on black and white 3-D images of the surface of planet Mars generated by a Nasa orbiter. The pictures are digitally altered.


A journey to Chefchaouen
Impressions from the magical blue city in the Rif Mountains of Morocco.



A journey to Chefchaouen
The secret door in a white wall that reflects the magical light of Chefchaouen.