Feminity & Authority

The suit is the epitome of a business wardrobe. Crafted from double-face wool and detailed with modern touches, Akris Architectural jackets and pants convey femininity while reinforcing the authority of their wearer. Choose your preferred cut to feel comfortable in any work-life situation. 

Finest Fabrics

The Akris Architectural (AA) collection knows no trends or seasons. It is a sleek, refined and consistent selection of modern items that are made to stand the test of time. The finest natural fabrics are selected and constructed into meticulously cut pieces that will enhance the natural confidence of every woman.

Transformative Outerwear

The Akris Architectural (AA) collection contains items for every occasion. Outerwear with a detachable lining covers many of them at the same time. Available in both double layered cashmere and wool, with a silk lining, these coats do not only transform themselves but also the way their wearer moves through the seasons. 

A modern Classic

A double-face cashmere coat is the quintessential Akris item. Made from carefully sourced cashmere and woven into a fabric that has two right sides, this material lays the foundation for many of our expertly hand-crafted coats and jackets. In combination with a perfect fit, these items will create a sensation like nothing else when wearing them. Create a strong look in combination with soft lamb nappa leather pants.

Refined Minimalism

As an expression of a culture that is vigorously searching for the best, every aspect of Akris is constantly refined. The modern yet timeless items that Albert Kriemler creates, are made for a modern woman, and every moment of her life. They are items that have much more than just aesthetic value, they create a unique feeling. A form-fitting Double-Face wool dress is the perfect example of such an item. Created from a fabric of utmost elegance, it is a dress for every occasion that is simultaneously sophisticated and effortless.