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Discover the selection of beautiful designer t-shirts for women on sale! Akris offers high quality shirts made of luxurious materials on a discount.

Women’s designer t-shirts on sale

T-shirts are among the most important basics when it comes to clothing. Whether it is the uni-colored white tee or a model with a colorful print, most people have several in their closets. This garment may be associated with a rather laid-back style, however if you seek a more elegant model, you can take a look at the designer t-shirts for women by Akris that are on sale.

Why choose designer t-shirts by Akris?

Akris takes the popular basic to another level! It just takes one look at the selection of our t-shirts for women on sale to see that even a seemingly simple garment can exude luxury and exclusivity. One of the reasons t-shirts are so beloved by many is their versatility. They can be combined with many different outfits, and you can wear them to any occasion if you know how to style them. With the t-shirts by Akris, you can enjoy garments for many years to come due to their excellent quality that is provided by the tremendous craftsmanship and luxurious fabrics like silk. But they will also charm you with their beautiful look! Each piece comes in a unique and timeless design. Whether it's an ornate pattern or print or a refined cut with cap sleeves, that will add a certain je ne sais quoi to your appearance. No matter what body type you have, whether you are short or tall, curvy or statuesque, there will be a model with the perfect fit for you.

How to style designer t-shirts

T-shirts are true all-rounders when it comes to styling. Whether you want to wear them in your work life or in your spare time, there are no limits to your imagination. You can create a timeless outfit for a casual look by pairing an Akris t-shirt with jeans. A piece with an ornate print will add a unique touch to a simple look. Are you looking for a T-shirt for your business attire? Unicolored models of silk in dark or light colors are a perfect alternative to a blouse and add a modern twist to the classic business look. Just wear them alongside a skirt and heels, and you created a sophisticated ensemble!

T-shirts are also great for layered looks. Especially during the cold months, they are ideal as a base layer. Top them off with a beautiful unicolored sweater and a jacket or coat, and you will be ready for the day.

Tips for finding the right size

If you want to find the t-shirt that will meet your expectations perfectly and that will also flatter your body type, we recommend to consider a few things beforehand:

  • Find the perfect size: if you are unsure about your size, you can take measurements around your chest and the length of your torso. Then you can match your measurement with the size guide for t-shirts by Akris
  • What are your preferences? Ask yourself, which cuts you feel most comfortable in and choose the right model according to your preferences
  • Take a look at customer reviews. Those can give you a good impression of the garment’s fit and size

Whether you are looking for a model with an extraordinary print or pattern to wear as part of the off duty look or a monochromatic piece made of a luxurious fabric to complete your business attire - discover the selection of beautiful t-shirts for women by Akris that are on sale.