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From fine sweaters to stylish dresses made of cashmere - discover luxurious cashmere clothes for women by Akris!

Cashmere clothes for women by Akris

Cashmere is one of the finest and most luxurious fabrics in the fashion world. The textile offers not only a very noble look but impresses also with its extraordinary wearing comfort. Whether you choose a dress, a scarf or a pair of trousers made of this extraordinary material - cashmere clothing by Akris will for sure inspire you!

Cashmere: luxury and comfort combined

Finest fibers that offer an incredible wearing comfort - for centuries cashmere has been associated with luxury and exclusivity. Cashmere wool is one of the highest quality wool types. Made from the underfur of cashmere goats, the fine fiber has many advantages. For example, it leaves an incomparable feeling on your skin, regulates warmth and reliably protects against the cold and so cashmere clothes are comfortable to wear on cold and warm days. In addition, cashmere is characterized by its lightweight nature. However, it is its exceptional look that makes cashmere so popular - the fabric is very fine and has a glossy finish that gives an exclusive aura to every piece of clothing that is made of it.

The diverse selection of cashmere clothes by Akris

Whether you are looking for elegant scarves, fine cardigans, modern dresses or classy sweaters - Akris offers a wide selection of various garments made of high-quality cashmere. You will find cashmere clothing for every occasion and every season. Are you looking for a cashmere sweater that you can wear both to the office and to a dinner party? In the Akris online shop, you will find knitted cashmere sweaters in various styles, flattering cuts, different colors and designs. A true must-have is the cashmere sweater with a V-neck. Modern and elegant at the same time are also cashmere turtlenecks by Akris. In our assortment, you can also find fashionable dresses and skirts made of cashmere. Looking for the perfect accessory? Discover beautiful, knitted cashmere scarves that offer incredible wearing comfort, keep you warm on cooler days and enhance any look.

Cashmere clothes with double-face

Akris' innovative double-face technology stands for first-class choice of materials, workmanship and comfort. Double-face is a special type of fabric consisting of two sides woven together on specially designed looms. The edges of the double-face fabric are also processed: they are turned in on themselves and closed by hand. Noble and functional at the same time: double-face clothes are high-quality garments that look elegant and keep you warm as well. Double-faced jackets, for example, do not need to be lined because the special fabric is both light and insulating. In addition, the fabric also offers a high level of wearing comfort. Double-face is a unique technology of Akris, that’s why you will find in our assortment different pieces of clothing made of it - including cashmere clothes such as jackets, sweaters, dresses and skirts, which will inspire you with incomparable wearing comfort, a noble look and the unique and high-quality double-face fabric. Explore the wide selection of various cashmere clothes in our online store, from cashmere jackets to jogging pants or loungewear.