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Designer skirts by Akris
There are few garments that are as versatile as skirts. They come in numerous styles and shapes. You have a playful personality and want to express it in the way that you dress? A-Line skirts add a certain lightness and youthfulness to your look. Not only do these skirts charm us with their feminine look, but they are highly comfortable to wear. Pencil skirts are perfect for more formal occasions or for your office outfit. In the Akris online shop you will find a great selection of exceptional designer skirts by Akris.     

Stylish skirts for casual wear
One of the things that we love most about skirts is that they add a certain elegance and charm to your appearance, even if you are off duty and wearing casual clothing. Skirts represent femininity and simple classiness. Akris offers you an exquisite selection of beautiful pieces that are ideal to wear in your spare time. Whether you plan a fulminate night out with the girls or you are going to have a date-night - we provide you with extravagant skirts that will elevate your appearance and add the certain je ne sais quoi to your everyday outfit.

Classic pencil skirts to combine with your business outfit
You do not always have to wear pantsuits at the office. Pencil skirts are perfect to wear in business life as they contribute to a sophisticated appearance. In our online shop you will find classic pencil skirts which are an ideal addition to your office look. Whether you are looking for pieces with an exceptional design or you prefer a more classical look, Akris offers garments for different tastes. With designer skirts by Akris you will make a striking appearance in your working life. The best thing about our skirts is that they will strike you with unique details in their designs, such as precious looking buckle belts or asymmetrical hems. Add an elegant blouse and a moderate jacket to your skirt and you are set to manage any challenges of business life

Extravagant skirts to wear at special occasions
We all love them: special occasions that will be highlighted red in our calendar and which we look forward to for weeks or even months. Events that give us the opportunity to dress up and wear lavish outfits. Of course dresses, evening gowns or suits are a go-to to make a memorable entrance. But elegant skirts that are combined with lavish tops made of high quality materials such as silk or leather will make a trendy outfit for lofty events. Discover our selection of maxi skirts which are perfect to wear at evening events or other special occasions.  

You are also looking for exceptional high-quality pieces that are perfect to wear alongside your new skirts? We recommend our collections of blouses, jackets, tops and handbags to complete your outfit. 

Whether you are looking for skirts to wear in your spare time, or if you desire a new piece to wear in the office - Akris provides a variation of designer skirts. Discover our selection of skirts and choose your favorite piece.

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