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Women’s knitwear
Classy and timeless: we’re talking about women’s knitwear. A high-quality knitwear piece helps you to upgrade your outfit and provides the special je ne sais quoi. Akris offers knitwear made of the finest fabrics like cashmere, silk or wool. Discover our cardigans, sweaters, tank tops, dresses and skirts and select your favourite piece.

Discover Cardigans, Jackets and Coats made of Knit by Akris
Combined with a skirt, a dress or with pants, cardigans are a versatile garment that add a classic look to the whole outfit. Akris offers a selection of various cardigans and jackets made of high quality material such as silk and cashmere. Those fabrics will charm you with their super soft touch which guarantees a pleasant-to-wear-sensation. Akris knit jackets and coats are perfect as top layer during the transition of the seasons, when summer has not quite arrived yet or when the leaves start falling in the fall. Wether you prefer classical designs or a more modern look, Akris offers cardigans or jackets for both tastes. You’d like to keep the variety in your life as well as in your clothing? Check out our versatile pieces that can be worn in more than one way! In our online shop you can find reversible jackets that look smashing on both sides.

Sweaters and Tank Tops
Turtleneck or v-neck: a sweater made of cashmere is a valuable piece of clothing in any design! No matter which style you prefer, the pieces will enchant you with their soft feel and are perfect to keep you warm in a chilly fall breeze or on a cool summer night. Discover the selection of cashmere sweaters in a large variety of colors and designs by Akris.For the base-layer you can choose from Akris's fantastic selection of tank tops, which are perfect to wear underneath sweaters, cardigans and jackets. These tops will charm you with their simple yet elegant designs and are made of high quality materials such as silk, cashmere or sea island cotton. You can choose between pieces made of 100% cashmere or clothing made of a mixture of fabrics like cashmere and silk, cotton or wool.

Dresses and Skirts
Dresses and skirts made of knitwear are truly special pieces of clothing. In the Akris online shop you will find skirts and dresses made of knit for different occasions. Whether you’re looking for skirts or dresses for formal events or whether you desire more casual pieces for your everyday life, we offer a selection of various garments which will elevate your outfit on any occasion.

Discover women’s knitwear by Akris made of high-quality material such as silk, cashmere or sea island cotton. We offer pieces that can be worn at formal occasions as well as clothing for everyday life. Cosy and soft to the touch, Akris’s knitwear will charm you with its elegant yet classical design that will always be en vogue.

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