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Luxury Dresses by Akris

Whether you wear them in your everyday life, at an evening event or in the office: luxury dresses are a statement. They are among the most feminine pieces of clothing and will add a certain elegance to your appearance. Akris’ online shop offers a great selection of luxurious dresses that will make for a dazzling look. Discover the lavish variety of pieces and choose your favorite dress.

Casual dresses for everyday life
One of the things that we love most about dresses is that you only need one essential piece of clothing to complete your outfit. Of course, you can still enrich your look with fashionable accessories like a scarf but the right dress will make you stand out.

Akris offers a hand-picked selection of casual dresses that will accompany you to your everyday ventures. If you are striving for an elegant and extraordinary look you will love the designs by Akris. The dresses are made from high-quality materials such as silk, lamb leather, cotton, wool, linen or viscose. Casual dresses by Akris are a perfect match for strong women who want to shine and be unique in their everyday life.

Subtle uniqueness with dresses for formal occasions by Akris
Are you having trouble finding the perfect outfit for a business meeting? We recommend our selection of flattering feminine dresses for formal occasions that can be worn in the office or at a business lunch but are also suitable for a night out. Simply take a look at our current collection of classic sheath dresses made from impeccable fabrics, such als wool, silk or linen. Ranging from uni-colored, moderate pieces to more colorful, bold designs, our dresses will charm you with their elegant cuts and unique style. Wearing a sheath dress by Akris you are all set for business life.

Iconic gowns for the evening by Akris
Balls, Galas or an elegant candlelight dinner - there are occasions where we want to be exceptionally beautiful. This calls for an iconic evening dress! Akris designs unique gowns that are perfect for feastful occasions, guaranteeing a fulminant entrance and undivided attention. All our evening dresses are floor length and made from selected lightweight fabrics, such as silk. With a floor skimming hem and flattering décolleteé you achieve a romantic and sensual look. Shimmering fabrics and sequins create a more opulent style yet retain pure elegance.

The choice is up to you. Discover our latest additions to our luxury dresses and complement your wardrobe with a unique piece for everyday life, business occasions or feasts.

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