Read My Lips

Kick off your chic weekend with a big smile and a charming wink. And let our voile blouse, Double layer coat in cashmere with detachable silk shell, and Ai bag be your partners in getaway fun.

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Pop Palette

When a bag is a game changer: The Anouk Envelope bag in red Lip St Gallen embroidery starts a conversation wherever you are. The cervo version lights up every outfit with showstopper pop art inspired colors.

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I am inspired by smart, ambitious women with purpose and how they want to live their lives.

Albert Kriemler

Squaring Off

Embrace the season’s new mood with ‘80s-inspired silhouettes, geometric patterns and feminine flounces.

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Be the woman who gets what she wants

When Geta Brătescu created her famous collage “Portrait”, she reduced it to a maximum of irreverence: It is all lips and eyes. Find out why Albert Kriemler loves this painting so much he made it the center of Resort 19.

Invitation to the House of the Rising Sun

When the brilliant warm sun rises in ardent yellows and reds, hearts replenish with joy. Get into this mood with Albert Kriemler´s sleek weekend wardrobe with the inspiration of Geta Brătescu’s sunrise colors and clear geometrical lines.

Get Lip-a-licious for your weekend out of town

Yes, it is your vacation but then we are sure you already made a major bucket list of things to do, places to see and whatnot you never have time for in your busy life. Here`s some lip service your personal stylist would give.


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