The Akris Cruise 2021 Collection 

Natural cashmere, silk, wool, and cotton are used to create the timeless feel-good pieces of the Akris Cruise 2021 collection. A lightweight wool-silk blend knit blazer and cashmere-silk blend scarf being the perfect example.


Balance Business and Life

Akris creative director Albert Kriemler is on a mission to create a covetable wardrobe for today’s women who balance business and life. Recreating classic items like a blazer in new, less formal ways and in fabrics that put comfort and longevity first.

Pastel Colors Inspired by the Gentle Hues of the Sunrise

Pastel colors inspired by the gentle hues of the sunrise are perfect for summer nights and the transition seasons. Seen here on an asymmetric Double-Face cashmere jacket and Double-Face cashmere kimono coat.

Keep it Cool with a Tunic Blouse

A loose fit, adjustable sleeves and mock neck make this Akris tunic blouse a modern classic. Paired with a cotton stretch pants and little Akris Ai messenger Bag for a timeless look. 

Go Oversized

The Akris punto oversized shirt is an all-time favorite that will never go out of style. Now is the time to go oversized.

Stay Cozy in Pink Cashmere

Pretty in Pink. This cashmere turtle neck sweater will keep you warm in summer nights and entering the transition season.

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