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Akris Sustainability

Sustainability is part of Swiss culture and has been the approach at Akris since the very beginning, starting with our founder Alice Kriemler Schoch who never wasted any fabric. She began Akris by designing and producing high quality aprons – an item piece worn as daywear, typically layered over a wool dress. These were created in cottons and silks and usually embroidered so all remnants would be saved and then pieced together to create patchwork aprons making full use of all the material.
This practice was continued with her son, Max Kriemler, and grandson Albert Kriemler, as fabric is always first at Akris and the highest quality materials are used to create the collections. Uncompromising in the level of quality, nearly 100% of fabrics used are made entirely of natural fibers. This material, even down to a few yards, is still saved and another use is found for it to eliminate any waste.
Akris is a vertically integrated company, owning the process from woven material to finished product in the boutique. Akris crafts the collections according to Swiss and EU environmental standards as all the facilities are based within Europe.

High standards of working conditions are the culture of Akris since its inception in 1922.

From a strategic standpoint, Akris has always been positioned as a collection that eschews the trend and obsolescence cycle. What Albert Kriemler creates is fashion-forward in the sense that it is ahead of the curve, yet here to stay, in terms of never trendy, never out of fashion. That includes aesthetics and coveted materials; the epitome of it being animal friendly horsehair, the Akris signature material for accessories.
Monitoring suppliers for compliance with sustainability principles, maximizing renewable energy in all production facilities as well as minimizing water consumption and the use of chemicals are part of an on-going effort.

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