Casual Summer

Create a casual summer look with Akris Pre-Fall 2021 cotton-cashmere-silk-blend layered Kinderstern knit and Akris punto Filia Bermuda shorts in washed cotton. Playfully accessorized with an allover Kinderstern print silk twilly.

Red On Denim

Red Current and washed denim from Akris punto Pre-Fall 2021 pair perfectly with artfully printed Akris pieces inspired by Imi Knoebel’s ‘Kinderstern’. Seen here on a Akris Anouk day bag in layered 3D Kinderstern print and a layered Kinderstern print t-shirt.

Cashmere Intarsia

Explore new silhouettes with Akris Pre-Fall 2021 cashmere intarsia knit inspired by Imi Knoebel’s ‘Figur H 122’ and the modern Akris punto Frey faux leather drawstring pants.

From Summer Into Fall

 Comfortable Akris punto Merino wool knit jogging pants and oversized pullover elevated with a Akris Pre-Fall 2021 Eautrec lamb suede jacket. All in neutral tones that will take you from summer right into fall.

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